Did you know?

Granny’s Finest was founded in 2011 by two Dutch men: Niek and Jip. It all began when Niek visited his grandpa in a retirement home and met a lady who was knitting and asked whom she was knitting for. She didn’t have an answer as she did not many people around anymore. Knitting was just a hobby and a way to pass the time. Niek saw the connection between her beautiful handwork and people who enjoy handmade items and discussed these ideas with his friend Jip. Jip researched the idea for his study and after graduation the two friends launched a pilot project. That is how Granny’s Finest began!


Designed by the new

Together with our skilled grannies, young fashion designers develop beautiful patterns for crocheting, knitting and embroidery. The designers know the current fashion and the grannies are masters in the various crafts. Through this cooperation, the young learn from the old and vice versa. By collaborating with the Granny’s Finest brand, young designers gain exposure and experience in the fashion industry.


Produced by the best

As mentioned earlier, our grannies are skilled artisan crafters. In the earlier generations, women often made the clothes for family and friends, which created a personal connection between the women and the wearer. With a Granny’s Finest product this personal connection is brought back as every product has a label with a message from the granny who made it. Our grannies come together in several clubs where they can socialize, chitchat and have an enjoyable afternoon together. Many grannies make new friends and become engaged with the social enterprise, thereby reducing loneliness amongst senior citizens.


Worn by the greatest

This is you! By proudly wearing your Granny’s Finest product you are not only fashionable but also showing your social side. Owning this product directly makes you one of our ambassadors. You make it possible for our foundation to organize social activities for our grannies and for them to contribute with the beautiful products they create. Enjoy your one of a kind Granny’s Finest product but please handle it with care. Check the washing instructions on the label as we choose to use the highest quality yarns. We also added two special ingredients: love and attention.


Thank your granny!

Our grannies love it when you show your gratitude. You can do this by surfing to www.grannysfinest.com/thanks to send a free postcard or you can send a postcard of your own. For the online postcard, look for the coupon code on the label of your product. We recommend adding a photo of you with your Granny’s Finest product so our grannies can see how great it looks on you.